Kirsti Grotmols series "Slowly Arrives" has recently  been exhibited in Gallery Boa in Oslo and at The Danish Institute at Athens.


 "SLOWLY ARRIVES"  a series of strong, colourful, figurative paintings and a video based on the theme of childhood. Beneath a seemingly calm surface, something disquieting is hinting at us.


The title of the exhibition "Slowly Arrives" refers to the creative process of painting, a process requiring in addition to technical skill, both time and meditation.


Layers are put on layers till the background and details are just reminiscent and hardly visible. We are thus left with the mental space occupied by these children.


The meditative aspect of creating art is in contrast to the ever increasing tempo of our everyday life with its flow of news and casual information.


The title also refers to the process of remembering – to recollect the feeling of childhood. 

Therefore the only painting of a grown up person – a woman – is also titled "Slowly Arrives" .


The figures in the paintings are alone, the children are looking into the world with the gaze of a grown up trying to grasp the feeling and secrets of childhood. Requisites like a doll, a bucket, an animal cannot cover the existential solitude.


Something happened to these children. But we do not know what. This is left open for everyone to consider. In the painting "Afterwards Quiet" we see a girl standing alone at the edge of a black shadow or whole in the ground. But the painting does not tell anything about what went on before. The girl is standing there alone looking both into herself and out at us  - but the story that preceded this moment we can only guess.


In the painting "Guarding the clouds" we see more of the wonder of childhood – that we all carry with us. This is also the only painting where two children are together.


In the painting "She who sings to the moon" we also see a child looking both out into the night and into herself – the child that we all carry inside of us.


So these children – they are also grown ups. They are children who have seen too much. And they are grown ups trying to reach back to the childhood who made them what they are today.


There is also a short video  - less than 2 minutes long. It is based on the same theme – and is another way of trying to catch the mystery of childhood – and of time.





Kirsti Grotmol is educated at The National College of Art, Craft and Design  in Oslo and The Art Academy in Lisboa Portugal.  She also has education in journalism and film. She makes art videos and documentary films. She also has a master degree in making masks as a three dimensional art object.  She has been editor of some cultural magazines as well as a critic of theatre and literature. She now works beside her art as a critic of illustrated books and a writer of articles on art related subjects.


She has exhibited in many countries – Greece, Germany, France, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, China, Australia to mention some. She has travelled as a guest artists to study masks and theatre as well as printing techniques in Japan, she has been invited to workshops and guest studios  in France, Denmark, Finland, Italy etc. In 2005 she received a grant from the Onassis Foundation to come to Greece for 6 months.


She has also been leader/ president  of  The Organisation of Visual Artists in Norway as well as President of the Association of Norwegian Sculptors.





Artists Union Memberships:

The Association of Norwegian  Visual Artists (NBK)

The Association of Norwegian Sculptors (NBF)

The Drawing Art Association of Norway (TF)

The Artist Union of Oslo (OBK)

The Artists« Association

The Association of Swedish Visual Artists

Director«s  Guild of Norway (Norwegian Film Directors)

The Norwegian Association of Litterature Critics

The Norwegian Association of  Theatre Critics

International Organisation of Theatre Critics (IATC)

Work and live in the Artists«colony Ekely in Oslo